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Since decks and patios are outdoors, water accumulation on the surface or on the paving below must be controlled or there can be drainage issues and flooding problems. A deck or patio will usually be sloped to lead to a drain below and/ or above leading to below. The base concrete should have a drainage system installed in it. Either that or the water must naturally flow out downhill. Decks that are built with this in mind have one problem and that is they are not level.

adjustable deck supports

It is fairly easy to ignore a small slope on a deck or patio but, over time, the tiles can become cracked or other damages to the surface structure can result. Water will pool in certain areas and not drain properly. The worst case scenario would be that there is no good drainage at all. Any time you want to go out on the porch after a good rain, it is like stepping into a small swimming pool. There is a way around this to build a perfectly level, attractive deck or patio.

The way this will be done is by using adjustable deck supports. At least this is the modern way to go about it. The adjustable supports can work below the patio to raise flooring in areas as needed to keep it all level while, beneath the slope and drainage is maintained. This is the perfect scenario for building the best, most attractive decks or patios without drainage issues.

Water should not pool anywhere on the deck. Slope can be added to the area overall without compromising the integrity of the deck. These are the issues best left to the company selling the supports. They will have all the information you need in order to proceed with building a new deck or patio on your home.